Terms & Conditions


  • All material shall remain the property of JJ Makking Trading (Pty) Ltd until such time as full and final payment has been made.
  • Commencement date to be negotiated after the receipt of an official written order.
  • No retentions will be allowed unless by futher contractual agreement.
  • Free water and 220 V power supply must be available at the working area.
  • Weather protection and storage facilities are to be provided at not cost to us.
  • The prices quoted are netto amounts of any discounts and is valid for 30 days.
  • The work performed is subject to actual final measurement.
  • We are not responsible for checking falls or any subsequent ponding, that may occur due to insufficient, or incorrect falls.
  • Maximum moisture content of the substrate to receive epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic or polyester finishes, are generally not to exceed 3% as measured on the Protimeter Survey Master or equivalent type of instrument.
  • Surface finish required for the applications of synthetic applications, should be a minimum of 27 m.p.a. cured concrete or screed, laid on line and level, be clean and dry, free of laitance and have a smooth wood float finish.  The minimum screed thickness is to be 40 mm.  No concrete curing membranes are to be used.  Cement or cement slurries must not be used as a final finish to screeds.


Terms:  C.O.D. with a 50% deposit which is payable accompanied by an official written order and 50% on completion.