JJ Makkink Trading (Pty) Ltd  has extensive experience and we have proven our ability to provide all our clients with efficient service and qualtiy products at highly competitive prices.  Our work force is well-trained and we proud ourselves with excellent after sales service and maintenance.  We specialize in:

 Flooring Systems

Industrial Flooring (including surface preparation, seamless floor screeds, self-levelling floor applications and surface impregnation and sealing)

 Automotive Engineering

Concrete and polymer repair work, reconditioning and installation of electrical motors and gearboxes, manufacturing of steel structures and components, installation of equipment for production lines, such as conveyor belts.

 Thermoplastic Welding

We pre-manufacture custom sumps, oil separators, pits, channel linings, storage tanks, sludge traps, free standing acid baths with fibreglass, linings and mild steel frames also covered with fibreglass

 Towing Services

JJ Makkink trading fleet (towing) consists of 5 ton rollback, sling pick-up, pick-up with car trailer and pick-up for assistance. Towing and assistance with instant responds and control 24/7 around the year